April 19, 2023

Power Rangers Hyperforce returns in upcoming one-shot

Power Rangers Hyperforce is returning for a one-shot comic in July, ScreenRant reports.

The Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce #1 one-shot, which hits shelves on July 19, will be written by Melissa Flores and Hyperforce Pink herself, Meghan Camarena. They will be joined by artist Federico Sabbatini and colorist Bryan Valenza. The standard cover will be drawn by Kayla Valerio (Power Rangers Unlimited: The Death Ranger), with variants from regulars Goñi Montes and InHyuk Lee.

Power Rangers Hyperforce was a tabletop role-playing web series produced in 2017 by Hyper RPG and Saban Brands. It featured guest stars including Erin Cahill, Karan Ashley, Kyle Higgins, Cameron Jebo, Mike Ginn and the late Jason David Frank. Though it didn't get a second season, the rangers have made appearances in the comics, tabletop games and "Power Rangers: Legacy Wars."

In her past career as a brand manager for Saban, Flores worked on the Hyperforce series.

“HYPERFOOORCE! It's nearly impossible to put into words how excited I am to be revisiting the special group of chaotic misfits that is the HyperForce team with Meghan, Federico and BOOM! Studios,” Flores told ScreenRant. “I've never forgotten the incredible amount of love the TTRPG series received from the fans, and I'm so thankful to be able to pay back just a little bit of that with a new adventure for them in this medium.”

ScreenRant reports the comic will see the Hyperforce team scour the multiverse for allies after Mistress Vile, formerly known as Rita Repulsa, and Dark Specter invade the Morphin Grid.

The original Hyperforce series saw the rangers visit with a number of different ranger teams. They swapped rhymes with Pumpkin Rapper and entered the World of the Coinless. They even met Santa Claus. 

This isn't Camarena's first comic collaboration with Flores. They co-write the Massive-Verse series Radiant Pink for Image Comics. Camarena told ScreenRant the comic will pick up from Hyperforce's cliffhanger ending.

"Thank you to the fans for always believing in these characters and waiting for us to finish the story," she said. "It’s meant so much to me to bring Chloe back to life and I can hardly wait for you to read what she’s been up to!”