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March 22, 2023

What Power Rangers Can Learn From Its Comics

Tyler, Lamar, Josh and Tori talk about the innovations of the Power Rangers comics and catch up on all the news we've missed in our month away, including intriguing details on the 30th anniversary special and the release of t...

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Feb. 10, 2023

Lightning Collection Quality Control

Tyler, Lamar and Josh bemoan the state of the Lightning Collection. We also talk about troubling layoff news out of Hasbro and react to the latest announcements from Renegade Games Studios. Mentioned in the show: SPD To The R...

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Jan. 19, 2023

30th Anniversary Reveals and More on Cosmic Fury

Tyler, Lamar, Mike and guest host Josh (/r/powerrangers moderator RazgrizInfinity) react to a Hasbro stream full of big reveals. We got a rough synopsis of the 30th-anniversary special and a look behind the scenes of the spec...

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Jan. 5, 2023

Talking Tokusatsu with Mike Dent

Tyler and Lamar welcome voice actor, graphic designer and writer Mike Dent. Dent, a former Rangercast co-host, also created the podcast R5 Central and hosted Otaku USA's Friday ACE Podcast for a spell. More recently, he's had...

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Dec. 5, 2022

Episode 9: An Appreciation of Tommy Oliver

As we continue to grieve the loss of Jason David Frank, Tyler and Lamar talk about the moments that made Tommy special to legions of fans. Also in the news: Stunt professionals offer explosive experiences to tourists at Mt. I...

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Nov. 21, 2022

Rangercast Episode 8: Remembering Jason David Frank (1973-2022)

Power Rangers fans awoke Sunday to the devastating news that Jason David Frank, a man almost synonymous with the franchise itself, was dead at the age of 49. Tyler and Mike try to make sense of the stunning loss for …

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Oct. 18, 2022

Rangercast Episode 7: The Latest On Conventions And Cosmic Fury

It's all-news this episode as Tyler and Lamar dig into some hot topics. In this episode... Power Rangers showrunner Simon Bennett quit Twitter and Rangerboard. Is this a teachable moment for fans? We have dates for Power Morp...

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Oct. 5, 2022

Rangercast Episode 6: Cosmic Fury Reveals At Hasbro PulseCon

Even after the big reveal at Power Morphicon (or, more precisely, the big reveal at 11 p.m. the night before the panel), fans believed Hasbro had more up their sleeve. And boy did they ever. Tyler, Lamar and (later) Primo …

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Sept. 21, 2022

Rangercast Episode 5: SPD Retrospective

Tyler, Lamar and Tori take a fond look at SPD and wonder, with 2025 right around the corner, whether Cosmic Fury will offer a return to New Tech City. In news, Hasbro Pulse Con promises unspecified Power Rangers announcements...

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Sept. 7, 2022

Rangercast Episode 4: Power Morphicon 2022

Guest host Mike Manos (Rangerboard's Renegade Pancake) joins Tyler and Lamar to talk about the news out of Power Morphicon, including more digesting of the Cosmic Fury revelations, a new addition to Super7's Ultimates line an...

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Aug. 29, 2022

Rangercast Episode 3: Emergency Pod -- Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Hasbro stole Power Morphicon's (Dino) thunder! In a tweet posted (accidentally??) 12 hours before the Dino Fury panel at Power Morphicon, we learned that the next season's title would indeed be Cosmic Fury and that, in a move...

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Aug. 23, 2022

Rangercast Episode 2: The Past, Present and Future of Power Rangers C…

Tyler, Tori and Lamar break down the past two weeks in Power Rangers news. Power Week and Power Morphicon lie ahead. A long-lost Sailor Moon project fans have taken to calling "Saban Moon" has finally been recovered. Kamen Ri...

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Aug. 10, 2022

Rangercast promotional trailer

We are out of our space dumpster/tomb/abyss and ready to entertain! This 30-second promo is suitable for dropping in your podcast or simply reminding you what show you're listening to. Support this podcast at — https://redcir...

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Aug. 9, 2022

Rangercast Vol. 2, Episode 1: After 10 Years, We're Free

Rangercast returns from its decade-long hiatus with new voices and a new format. Tyler (RitoRevolto) is joined by Tori (u/KamenRunner) and Lamar (u/RRR-LL) as we talk about the latest in Power Rangers and tokusatsu news. Late...

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