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Rangercast Episode 3: Emergency Pod -- Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Hasbro stole Power Morphicon's (Dino) thunder! In a tweet posted (accidentally??) 12 hours before the Dino Fury panel at Power Morphicon, we learned that the next season's title would indeed be Cosmic Fury and that, in a move not seen since the MMPR days, the whole cast would be coming back for a third season. But aside from the returning cast and crew, we learned little else in one of the strangest cast reveals ever done at a PMC.

Please excuse the sound quality. Tyler did not pack his microphone and literally recorded his end of the show using his AirPods on the floor of PMC.

Full show notes: https://www.rangercast.net/rangercast-episode-3-emergency-pod-power-rangers-cosmic-fury/

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