Jan. 5, 2023

Talking Tokusatsu with Mike Dent

Talking Tokusatsu with Mike Dent
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Tyler and Lamar welcome voice actor, graphic designer and writer Mike Dent. Dent, a former Rangercast co-host, also created the podcast R5 Central and hosted Otaku USA's Friday ACE Podcast for a spell. More recently, he's had a hand in tokusatsu projects for Shout! Factory and Discotek Media. We ask him about his origin story and get him to explain the staying power of Space Sheriff Gavan.

Also, we discuss toy news and leaks, the current whereabouts of a key Masked Rider prop and mourn the passing of the legendary anison singer Ichiro Mizuki. Mizuki had an association with Super Sentai dating back to JAKQ Dengekitai.

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New Zord Ascension Project logo hints at Tigerzord

Ichiro Mizuki, the Emperor of Anime Songs, dead at 74

Post of the week: Day of the Dumpster upscaled

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Mike DentProfile Photo

Mike Dent

Content creator/Voice actor

A former Rangercast co-host, Mike is a voice actor who you can hear in projects like "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun" and "Pokemon Masters." He is also a writer, graphic designer and video editor. He formerly hosted the podcast R5 Central and Otaku USA's Friday ACE podcast. He co-founded The Tokusatsu Network in 2014. More recently, he created the YouTube channel Vintage Henshin, contributed materials to Discotek Media’s releases of Space Sheriff Gavan and Kamen Rider Black, and was the director of Shout! Factory’s award-winning 55th Anniversary Ultraman Day virtual event in 2021.