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Sept. 21, 2022

Rangercast Episode 5: SPD Retrospective

Rangercast Episode 5: SPD Retrospective

Tyler, Lamar and Tori take a fond look at SPD and wonder, with 2025 right around the corner, whether Cosmic Fury will offer a return to New Tech City.

In news, Hasbro Pulse Con promises unspecified Power Rangers announcements. Alpha Stunts is back on the job. One Power Rangers alum is acting opposite a pair of greats.

In toku news, Shin Ultraman goes global. An American love letter to tokusatsu hits the festival circuit. And as Kamen Rider Kuuga makes its way to fans, Shout Factory wastes no time in announcing a Sentai series close to Tyler's heart.

(The thumbnail is purely for illustration. We do not have a recording of this panel, but this YouTuber does.)

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