Sept. 7, 2022

Rangercast Episode 4: Power Morphicon 2022

Rangercast Episode 4: Power Morphicon 2022
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Guest host Mike Manos (Rangerboard's Renegade Pancake) joins Tyler and Lamar to talk about the news out of Power Morphicon, including more digesting of the Cosmic Fury revelations, a new addition to Super7's Ultimates line and a new Kamen Rider toy shown off at the con. Meanwhile, showrunner Simon Bennett calls out impatient fans pirating international airings before the last arc of Dino Fury hits stateside.

We then reflect on the good, bad and ugly of the convention as a whole before turning to Mike, a former Rangercast co-host who staffed this year's PMC (but doesn't speak for the con!), about his time in the fandom and the creation of Truncated Power Rangers.

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